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Training and Nutrition 21/10/2014

Morning Session: Body 360 @ Titan Fitness Phuket: My morning session was at Titan Fitness Phuket, taken by the ever cheerful Kim. A very tough session but noticed that my HR is gradually dropping compared to previous sessions. I am … Continue reading

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Collecting thoughts about how to use this blog.

Life in Thailand has been pretty amazing for the last few weeks. I have so many things which I’d like to blog about in details, but have yet to find the time to do! For my own reference, I’d like … Continue reading

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Just a quicky

So, my first session at Phuket Top Team was less than successful. That isn’t to say the session was no good – it was excellent, but sadly I managed to sprain my finger in about the 3rd roll I got … Continue reading

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A year of smiles

So I have been remarkably slack at keeping this blog up-to-date. Fortunately the readership consists primarily of Russian and Chinese spambots, so the future of mankind has been relatively unaffected. I’m starting again as yet another reboot has begun. Hardy … Continue reading

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Over a year on, training begins again in earnest!

Following a skype conversation with my gorgeous girlfriend, I have decided to start training again in earnest. I have trained a bit in the last year, far more sporadically than intended – now I aim to do a bare minimum … Continue reading

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P. Villa, Ban Tai review (and SCAM warning)

Ok, I’m going to admit it before you read on. This post is 100% sour grapes. And, as all who have visited will be aware, wine in the land of smiles is pretty awful However it could also save a … Continue reading

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I can get through arduous Muay Thai sessions (just) … and today I put my back out shopping for cleaning products. …and the temple next door appears to be having a rave. There is no logic in this world…

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A journey of a thousand miles

…begins with one small step. Something of a cliche, but one that I am clinging to this morning after my first proper Muay Thai session in about 3 years. Having done almost no training at all in the last 2 … Continue reading

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