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So, my first session at Phuket Top Team was less than successful. That isn’t to say the session was no good – it was excellent, but sadly I managed to sprain my finger in about the 3rd roll I got after the session. Nothing too serious I hope, but it has put me out of training for a couple of weeks. Very much hoping the good guys there will honour the 10 pass card I bought for a little longer!

Today was my first day back at training after some rather debaucherous birthday celebrations in Krabi at the weekend. I decided to ease myself in gently with a relatively easy going session at Titan Fitness Phuket – the “Body 360″ class.

Hannah and I were doing this class regularly earlier this year with a very good instructor named John Priest. He has now moved on to pastures new and I was a little concerned that the class may be the worse for it. However I was pleasantly surprised and the new instructor Alex, together with one of the owners, Kim, took me through a superb hour of training.


The class aims to work the whole body, with a combination of cardio, weights and resistance based exercises. For today we used: Dumbells, Kettle Ball and Plyo Box. After a 10 minute warm up, we went through two sets of exercises (approx 6 per set) and did each set three times. This is something that a few months ago was a precursor to proper training. It burned a little fat, improved cardio a little and built a little muscle.

Today it has left me almost unable to walk!

Sadly I didn’t manage BJJ in the evening as I was simply too fucked. Doh!

Back at it tomorrow morning though, so wish me luck!

On an unrelated note, our Thai lessons are coming along fantastically! We are able to read and write the majority of Thai script now. That isto say we’re just over halfway though the alphabet (44 Consonants and 22 Vowels), and have covered most of the ones we see most frequently written. This has led to us wondering the streets reading signs like kindergarten kids, much to the hilarity of the Thai’s. It’s like cracking a code….and it feels good. Very good.

I will try to sort pictures out soon to make this blog a little more visually interesting. In the meantime, love to all xx

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